Revelation Study 101

Revelation Study

The Book of Revelation is full of mysterious and bizarre imagery, which has caused many people to approach it with a weary eye.

They don’t want to enter into a Revelation study because of the confusion associated with it.

Or they don’t want to be one of those “crazy Christians” holding a sign on the street corner saying “the time is nigh!”, so, again, they avoid it.

This is sad, because Revelation is the only book in the Bible that promises a blessing to those who read it: 

“Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near” (Rev. 1:3)

There have been so many interpretations and predictions attempted, and all of them have failed.

Entire ministries, churches, and movements have been based on the failed predictions – Christians who really thought they understand what Revelation meant.

“There Is No Fear In Love”

And when you think about Revelation, does it inspire feelings of blessing and peace? Or anxiety and fear?

Instead of getting the blessing God intended through it, people are often pushed away from Revelation, not wanting the anxiety or confusion the book seems to bring.

The Scriptures say that God’s perfect love casts out all fear, and those who fear have not yet been made perfect in His love (1 John 4:18).

Why then, would a book that specifically states that it is a blessing be intended to inspire fear and anxiety in people?

What If We’re Wrong About Revelation?…

I want to propose to you that the Church has greatly misunderstood the Book of Revelation.

I want to propose that modern conception of Revelation (an antichrist, tribulation, and rapture) are just that… modern. And that the Church at large did not interpret Revelation in this way until the 19th century!

I want to propose that there is significant historical and biblical evidence to indicate that Revelation is not about the end of the world.

What if I told you that instead of causing anxiety, confusion, and fear, there was a more biblically sound way to interpret Revelation that inspired peace, joy, and confidence?

Not A “Liberal Christian Scholar”

I promise you I am not a “Liberal Christian Scholar” that also denies the divinity of Christ, or challenges the authority of Scripture.

I am a Bible believing Christian that bases his faith on the foundation of God’s word (see my “Statement of Faith” to learn more).

But I do believe the mainstream Church has been duped into believing a lie about the end times.

In this short, 4-part Revelation study, you will learn how to properly interpret Revelation in a way that will change your life… forever.

I promise.

You will learn:

  • Radical keys to unlocking the beautiful imagery of Revelation so that the book becomes an inspiration to your life (instead of a mystery!)
  • Shocking insights that will eliminate fear and anxiety for your future (and give you peace and confidence instead)
  • Why Revelation is about the “end of the age” and not the “end of the world” (2 very different things in the Jewish world!)
  • Historical evidence indicating that Revelation miraculously predicted the destruction of Jerusalem (and the implications that has on us today).
  • Life-changing revelation that will unlock powerful God-given gifts to impact the world in ways you never thought possible.
  • And so much more… 

I am not asking that you give up your view of revelation. I am asking that you set it aside for a moment to look at this Revelation study.

I honestly believe it has the power to change your life.

Check them out now:

  1. Revelation Explained – Part 1: Why It Isn’t About The End of the World
  2. Revelation Explained – Part 2: Why It Isn’t Predicting Events In Our Future
  3. Revelation Explained – Part 3: A Look At The Kind Of Vision John Had (And What That Means For Us Today)
  4. Revelation Explained – Part 4: How The Greek Behind Revelation Doesn’t Support A World-Wide Tribulation

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You have the opportunity to learn something our forefathers new before us: that God has redemptive plan for the world… not one intent on its destruction. 

The only question is, will she step into everything God has for you?

Check out the Revelation study, and I promise that you will never be the same.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Sean Edwards